Art has always played a predominant part in the history of Paris. There is no art form that is not celebrated and no neighbourhood that doesn’t pay homage to artistic creations. Discover Artistic and Cultural Paris…

Orsay Museum

Established at the site of the old Orsay Palace (1840), this immence edifice, with its distinctive facade was originally located a train station.

Today, it comprises a museum dedicated to nineteenth century western paintings. Sculpture, architecture, decorative arts and photography have an equal place there.

Works from the Masters such as Manet’s « Olympia », Courbet’s « L’Origine du Monde », Degas.. are numbered among its collection. Pieces from the impressionist movement have a place of honour. But its offerings do not end there. There is a rich and varied programme of conferences, debates, theatre, cinema, shows for the youth as well as temporary exhibitions at The Orsay Museum.

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