Art has always played a predominant part in the history of Paris. There is no art form that is not celebrated and no neighbourhood that doesn’t pay homage to artistic creations. Discover Artistic and Cultural Paris…

Louvre Museum

From shadow to the light… The fortress began royal residence, the Palace turned over to a museum. Eight centuries of history made the Louvre.

Today, one of the most famous Museum in the world provides the most outstanding art collection. Louvre Museum is a work to remember art.

Painting, sculpture, graphic arts, art objects or vision of architecture… The medieval Louvre, Greek, Etruscan, roman, from Egypt or East… Islamist arts… Over the course of a discover alone (suggestions of route) or a guided visit, the Louvre Museum gives you the opportunity to a nice visit. Animated by a will of learning or simply to know ? Worshops, training seminars are organised in the Museum to start with artistic techniques or to immerse in the heart of time.

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